Teaching Bilinguals (Even if You’re Not One!)

ITP student Sara Vogel (Urban Education) developed the following independent study project

Sara produced a video project in conjunction with the CUNY-New York State Initiative for Emergent Bilinguals called “Teaching Bilinguals (Even if You’re Not One!)” The videos take viewers on a journey across New York City and State to learn how teachers draw on their students’ diverse language practices as resources in their learning. The five episode series has been officially launched on the CUNY-NYSIEB Website! Click here to begin your journey: https://www.cuny-nysieb.org/teaching-bilinguals-webseries/

The videos range from 2-6 minutes each. They feature the work of five teachers from New York City and Westchester who, despite not always sharing their K-12 bilingual students’ language practices, are able to effectively use translanguaging pedagogy to support their learning.

The teachers featured in these videos are impressive problem solvers and risk-takers who build relationships rooted in respect, empathy, and deep understanding of their students’ repertoires. It has been an honor to work with them. Special thanks also to the whole CUNY-NYSIEB team, the videographers Dani Tenenbaum and Yuval Netter, the illustrator Andrew Roberts, the GC’s New Media Lab, the professors and students in the GC’s Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate, and my “creative producer” and sister Jillian Vogel.

Sara aims to have people share these videos with their colleagues and students in bilingual education and beyond. She hopes everyone enjoys the series and finds it useful in their work!