Q: I’m a student at the Graduate Center. How do I enroll in the ITP program?

A: Attendance at an ITP Info Session is required for Graduate Center students to gain permission to enroll. Info Sessions are held throughout the fall and spring about enrolling for the following academic year. Space is limited; to register, please 1) complete a contact form and 2) reserve a seat.

Q: When can I start the ITP program?

A: ITP accepts new students to the program during the Fall semester only.

Q: I attended an ITP Info Session, now what?

A: Please submit your CUNYfirst EMPL ID number on this form. Your EMPL ID will be used to grant you permission to register for the ITCP 70010 Core 1 course, which enrolls you in the certificate program.

Q: I’m not a student at the Graduate Center. Can I enroll in the ITP program?

A: You may apply to the Graduate Center for admission to the ITP Program. Please visit the Admissions page at gc.cuny.edu/itp for requirements and application instructions.

Q: What is the deadline for applying to the ITP Program?

A: Applications are due by April 15 for admission the following academic year. We only accept applications for Fall enrollment.

Q: I’m a faculty member at a CUNY school. Should I join the ITP program?

A: We especially encourage faculty from the CUNY campuses to build their professional portfolios by earning an ITP Certificate. CUNY faculty members are eligible for tuition remission to take ITP courses. To enroll, you must apply for admission to the ITP Program. Please visit the Admissions page at gc.cuny.edu/itp for requirements and application instructions.

Q: Is there tuition assistance for CUNY faculty members to take the ITP Certificate Program?

A: Yes, courses in the ITP program qualify for tuition remission, according to your position at CUNY. Full-time faculty and staff members, as well as CUNY adjuncts who have taught at the same college for at least 10 consecutive semesters, are entitled to tuition benefits outlined by the PSC here.

Contact HR at your home campus about getting credited for a tuition waiver.

Q: I’m a Master’s student at the GC. Can I participate in the ITP program?

A: Yes, you are eligible to enroll in the ITP program and earn a certificate.

Q: I’m a Digital Humanities Master’s student at the GC. Is there a pipeline for me into the ITP Program?

A: Students who have taken Digital Pedagogy 1 may apply those credits towards ITP Core 1 and advance directly to the Spring ITP Core 2 course, followed by the Independent Study project with an ITP faculty supervisor to earn the certificate.

Alternately, Digital Humanities Master’s students who take both ITP Core 1 and ITP Core 2 may use their Thesis Capstone project in place of the ITP Independent Study project to satisfy the certificate requirements.

Q: I’m a Liberal Studies Master’s student at the GC. Can I use the 3-credit ITP Core courses to fulfill my MALS program coursework requirements?

A: You can use ITP Core 1 and Core 2 courses towards filling your 18-credit MALS elective requirement. ITP courses cannot be used to fill the MALS track-specific core course requirement.

Q: Can my MALS thesis stand in for the ITP Independent Study requirement?

A: It is possible ITP will accept the MALS thesis in lieu of the Independent Study as satisfying the certificate requirements, depending upon discussion and evaluation. If permitted, you must complete all requirements of the MALS thesis, including but not limited to all group advising meetings, proposal expectations, and final paper/thesis requirements. Your advisor can be an ITP or MALS faculty member.

Q: What if I have completed my MALS thesis, but I want to pursue another project under the supervision of an ITP faculty member?

A: Yes, as long as it is a separate project from your MALS Thesis. You will propose a project and, upon approval of our Coordinator, be matched with a faculty supervisor.

Q: I’m a Level 3 doctoral student at the GC. Can I participate in the ITP program?

A: It is possible to do the program as a Level 3 student by paying out of pocket. It costs $530 per credit for a Level 3 in-state student, $905 out of state. Here’s the breakdown of what the program would cost for someone who has in-state status. $530 x3 credits = $1,590 per course; x3 ITP courses = $4,770 for the program.

Q: What happens if I enrolled in the ITP program as Level 1 or 2 doctoral student at the GC, I but reach Level 3 prior to completing the Independent Study project?

A: Doctoral students must complete the Independent Study before reaching Level 3 in their degree program. Students who advance to Level 3 doctoral candidacy without already having completed all 9 ITP coursework credits are no longer eligible to earn the certificate.

Q: I’m an Inter-University Doctoral Consortium student. Can I participate in the ITP program?

A: Yes. Non-GC students who are part of the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium may enroll in ITP courses. Upon completing all of the program requirements, we will write you a letter to include with your CV for job applications. The certificate will not appear on your official transcript.

Consortium students will need to complete a Registration Form (request from Julie Fuller, Program Administrator, jfuller1@gradcenter.cuny.edu) and submit it to the GC Registrar prior to being able to sign up for a course.