The Certificate

Program Description

The ITP Certificate Program is a 9 credit, 3 course certificate that provides intellectual opportunities and technical training that enable students to think critically and creatively about the uses of technology to improve teaching, learning, and research. Students learn praxis-oriented methodologies for digital research and pedagogy, and complete capstone projects under the mentorship of one of our faculty. ITP offers a gateway to other enrichment positions at the GC, from the Teaching and Learning Center to the New Media Lab, from the Digital Fellows to the Instructional Technology Fellows programs, and more. Our students have won intramural and extramural grants for their research, and their skills and knowledge are in demand on the job market.

Since its founding in 2001, all Humanities programs, all but two Social Sciences programs and the following Sciences programs at the GC have been represented ITP: Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Benefits of ITP include:

  • Valuable experience in interdisciplinary collaboration and conversation about theoretical and practical aspects of using technology at the university level
  • Hands-on training in how to develop, evaluate, and implement digital technologies and tools for research and teaching
  • Technical skills using tools like WordPress, Python, HTML, and data visualization programs
  • Students with pedagogy and digital expertise have greater success finding positions in their field after graduating

Download the full Certificate Program Proposal (.pdf)


ITP is designed to be completed in two years. We welcome Masters students in the program, who may begin their first or second year. Ideally, PhD students begin the certificate in their second year; all certificate requirements must be completed before advancing to Level 3. The certificate requirements are broken into three major areas of academic work:

CORE COURSES (three credits each, taught sequentially in fall and spring)

  • Interactive Technology and Pedagogy I: History and Theory (ITCP 70010)
  • Interactive Technology and Pedagogy II: Methods and Practice (ITCP 70020)

SKILLS LABS (no credit)

  • Students are required to participate in at least six skills labs per semester to gain hands-on experience with digital tools

INDEPENDENT STUDY (three credits)

  • Students work with ITP faculty to design and develop semester-long projects culminating in publication-quality work.

The curriculum relies on an interdisciplinary approach that links interactive technology with pedagogy and research across the humanities, the social sciences, and the physical and natural sciences.